Socially Responsible Investment - SRI

Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are intrinsically integrated into the Teleperformance Group's strategy.

They are based on three key non-financial challenges and targets and are subject to dedicated programs:
being the market's preferred employer;
boosting customer satisfaction with leading global brands that partner with Teleperformance;
being a responsible corporate citizen within the Group's sphere of influence.

The different programs are coordinated and monitored by a steering committee comprising support functions and industry experts, specialists in their respective fields. These working groups formulate action plans, internal directives and global programs, and monitor the outcome of initiatives rolled out.

While preparing its next Extra-Financial Performance Reporting, the Group organized a series of internal interviews with its management teams, aiming to identify the main non-financial challenges facing its business. This internal exercise made it possible to precisely define and prioritize the main issues facing Teleperformance on a daily basis. They are presented below, and help to highlight the main objectives that the Group has set for itself and to better assess the policies it implements in relation to these topics.


Matrice ISR Uk


Based on this strategy, the Group has undertaken this endeavor since 2006, first by initiating and leading Citizen of the World, a program of charitable, humanitarian and collective welfare action plans, then in 2008 Citizen of the Planet, with an environmental focus.

All of these goals are in line with the United Nations Global Compact, which Teleperformance joined in 2011. It is the most important global initiative in terms of sustainable development. The Group makes sure that all of its subsidiaries apply and comply with its fundamental principles.

A detailed presentation of the various initiatives put in place by the group is available in the following documents:

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